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Socialmap screenshotSocialMap tool allows you to collect reports of objects located in an area, displayed on a Google map . The objects are represented by an icon ( a marker ), which also determines the set of information that characterizes the object itself .
In the configuration stage of a socialmap are defined either markers that can accommodate or the set of information that characterize them.
Information can be of different types : text, long text, date, number, flag, image, link, videolink in order to allow proper display on the page that shows the details of the object.
The socialmap is also characterized by its " social " features,  that is the collaborative way with which can be carried out the collection of information . Each socialmap is part of a mapping project ( mapproject ), which may contain several socialmap managed by one or more administrators.

They are delegated to socialmap configuration and participants management, in their respective roles that allow  to: view, edit, or delete data, configure the socialmap and administer permissions.
The insertion of new points on the map may be subject to approval by the person who plays the role of moderator of socialmap .
Each point on the map can also be commented by sending comments and reply with the possibility of adding attachments . Comments are also subject to moderation.
Regarding the inclusion of markers in addition to normal web form, upload a csv file or sending an SMS  can also be used. This way is subject to activation of a special number linked to a specific web service and enabling one or more numbers to contribute by sending SMS message containing the data in a suitable format.