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Agenda screenshot
The Agenda tool is designed for outlining and managing a deliberative process, as well as for coordinating all the deliberation tools (Informed Discussion, On-Line Ordered Meeting, Certified Consultation) associated with a certain stage of the process.

An Agenda is bound to each deliberative process: the organizers help the system administrator configure the deliberative process, i.e.:

  • locate it on the map (where it is represented by a big blue balloon);
  • design deliberative workflow phases;
  • configure each stage by selecting the appropriate deliberative tool and specifying its:
  1. timing, i.e. start and end dates;
  2. dependencies, two or more stages in the deliberation process can be parallel (i.e. independent) or sequential, if the start of one stage is tied to the end of another;
  3. actors, i.e. who takes part in that stage in what role (participant, facilitator, editor, etc.);
  4. initial issue frame and gathering material needed to start the activity, which may be the result of previous stages in the process. Other informational resources can be uploaded by authorized participants during this stage, so that these two sources combine to make up the information area of the given stage.